The governing body of each school decides on the uniform policy or dress code. It is the headteacher’s responsibility to make sure pupils keep to the rules.

Schools will determine their own standards of dress as part of their school uniform policy. Schools may differ on what is expected as suitable footwear, length of hair. Schools should take into consideration costs, cultural and religious requirements and special needs issues.

If you have any complaints about the uniform policy or dress code, talk to your school governing body.

You can find more information on the GOV.UK website’s school uniform page.

Help with paying for school uniform

Parents should ask their child’s school for advice and help.

The school may:

  • have information on discounts available at local shops
  • run their own nearly new uniform purchase scheme
  • be able to provide information about local charities
  • be able to provide financial support if the child is in receipt of pupil premium or free school meals

We do not provide grants towards the cost of school uniform.

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