By law all employers must apply for a licence from the local authority if they wish to employ any children or young people of statutory school age (age 13 to statutory school leaving age, which is the last Friday in June for year 11).

As the employer it is your responsibility to discuss this application with the child’s parent or guardian before applying.

Please only fill in the form when the child has been offered employment.

The parent or guardian must agree to this application being made.

Only use this online form to apply if a child is working part time. For performance licences, please continue reading.

You can find regulations around ‘Employing children in Somerset’ in the downloads section of this page – Somerset byelaws for the employment of children.

Please note – in term-time or school holidays, no child is allowed work before 7am or after 7pm.

If you have any questions about work permits, please contact us at

If you have any concerns that a child might be working illegally, please contact the Education Safeguarding Service at:

Child performance licences

Children must be licensed by their local authority if they

  • perform on stage
  • perform in television, film, commercial or modelling work,
  • take part in paid or professional sport


  • they are paid, or
  • they need to be absent from school, or
  • they will perform for more than four days in any six-month period

Organisations which plan to use children in performance, sport or modelling should apply for a licence at least 21 days before the first rehearsal or performance. People who want to apply for a chaperone licence should apply 8 weeks in advance. The application forms are in the Downloads section of this page.

  • Part 1 of the form should be completed by the producer of the performance
  • Part 2 of the form should be completed by the parent of each child involved in the performance.
  • Part 3 of the form should be completed by the teacher if school time will be missed because of the performance (including rehearsals)

See our Chaperones page for more information.

Any enquiries about children in entertainment should be directed to the Education Safeguarding Service

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