This page tells you how childcare providers are represented at decision-making bodies and how providers’ voices can be heard.

The Early Years Partnership

Professionals with an interest in the early years agenda meet together with representatives from the early years workforce to share information and agree joint strategies to improve outcomes for all children, young people and their families.

The partnership provides a forum to facilitate collaborative working and this group feeds into Early years sub group.

Early Years Communities

There are eleven geographical Early Years Communities across the county. In each of these communities there are a minimum of four lead practitioners who will form the Early Years Community Committee. These leads represent the different early years sectors Schools, Nurseries and Pre-schools, Childminders and Health links.

The Early Years Community leads work together to provide a strong communication channel within their communities to ensure the sector has an equitable and consistent opportunity to engage across Somerset.

The purpose of the Early Years Communities is to

  • Raise attainment levels, supporting children to have good levels of development.
  • Support practitioners with continual professional development
  • Support peer to peer learning
  • Share good practice
  • Represent Early Years Providers voice with in Somerset County Council

The EY Communities hold regular CPD events, by coming together they are able to share knowledge, skills and specialisms, provide informal peer-to-peer support and have a collective buying power for resources and training.

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