Advocates work alongside individual children to ensure their voices are heard and their wishes and feelings are taken into account when decisions are being made which affect them. Each advocacy case is usually short term and there is no expectation of a long term commitment to a particular child. We have a bank of advocates and each one can agree to take on a specific case or not.

Independent Visitors make a long term commitment to one child in care. They visit the child once or twice each month and sometimes more often, and build a trusting, supportive relationship and friendship that can sometimes last many years. This really can bring life changing experiences and opportunities to a vulnerable child or young person.

Our Advocates and Independent Visitors are volunteers and they can:

  • act as both an advocate and an independent visitor if they wish
  • take part in an exciting and stimulating training programme
  • provide a highly valued service which can sometimes be life changing for a vulnerable young person and even for the volunteer themselves
  • improve the well-being of vulnerable children, our communities and even themselves
  • help ensure the child’s voice is heard and the child is empowered in such a way that their rights are recognised and acted upon.

If you would like to consider becoming a volunteer, please contact us for more information . A member of our team will arrange to meet you and explain everything involved in both roles.