Modeshift STARS comes to Somerset

Somerset County Council and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) have teamed up with Modeshift STARS to give all schools the opportunity to be recognised for supporting Sustainable and Active Travel by developing a School Travel Plan through the Modeshift STARS Education Accreditation Programme.

What is Modeshift STARS?

  • Modeshift STARS is the national accreditation scheme supported by the Department for Transport. It allows schools to achieve Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum STAR awards for promoting sustainable and active travel.
  • Since launching in 2008, Modeshift STARS have seen over 1,400 schools in England achieve accreditation.

Why sign up to Modeshift STARS?

  • Nationally Recognised Accreditation Scheme – accredited schools receive a plaque, certificate and are able to use the STARS logo.
  • School Travel Plan – a national standard School Travel Plan is created, which will deliver significant time and cost savings, and you can add it to your school website.
  • Healthier Pupils – by encouraging active, healthy lifestyles for young people through more walking, cycling and scooting.
  • Changing Behaviour – STARS will provide you with the tools to reduce car use and increase active and sustainable travel. Get recognised for addressing climate change and promoting greener, healthier and safer travel to school.
  • Contributes to the Somerset Wellbeing Framework lifestyle pillar and Eco-Schools transport topic. as well as linking to the wider school curriculum.

Sign up your school to Modeshift STARS and gain your first Somerset STAR

  • See our handy guides on why and how to sign up and get started
  • The good news is that we can use initiatives and events dating back 3 years to achieve Bronze, so you may already be closer than you think.

You can find more information and sign up here: Modeshift STARS – Travel Plan in Education, Business and Communities

Need more help?

More guidance and resources can be found by logging onto Modeshift STARS and clicking on the Guidance List menu.

Good starting points include:

  • Guide to Getting Accredited in Modeshift STARS Education: Comprehensive guide to achieving accreditation
  • Initiatives and Consultation Guidance for Schools: Examples for completing initiatives and uploading evidence
  • Linking STARS to the National Curriculum
  • STARS Education Accreditation Checklist 2021/22

Why not check out the Active Travel Events Calendar to find out what national events are happening and ideas to link to STARS initiatives.

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