Homes and Horizons is a unique and innovative ten-year partnership between Somerset County Council, Homes2inspire (part of the Shaw Trust) and NHS Somerset to co-design a brand new model of care for our most vulnerable looked after children.

It will provide up to ten high quality family homes, 20 high needs foster care and therapeutic education services across Somerset – leading our most complex and vulnerable young people to achieve better education results, improved mental health and wellbeing, and increased life chances.

Each home has a manager, a deputy manager and a support team – who form a close, caring environment. In Somerset, each home will be for 2 or 3 children.

The high needs foster carers will be trained and supported to provide a welcoming home to teenage children who need a loving and caring environment after facing significant challenges in their early years.

These are Somerset homes for Somerset children. Working together we will ensure they are fully prepared for adult life and offered every opportunity to reach their full potential.

The foster care and residential home provision will link into our therapeutic education provision, providing a nurturing learning environment.

Homes and Horizons will prevent our children and young people having to leave Somerset, away from their family, friends, schools and the people who care for them and also prevent them having to live in more expensive residential placements. The homes are well-maintained, attractive living spaces that our children take pride in. Just like any family.


Quote from one of our looked after young people:

‘Everybody just wants to be loved, to be wanted and to belong. Being nice to each other is the beginning of building communities’

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