Sometimes your child or young person may need extra support, and the services who work with you and your child will want to find solutions for you all as soon as possible. We believe a little bit of help at the right time makes a big difference. We want to help you find solutions to small problems before they turn into big ones, and we do this with an Early Help Assessment.

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) is a simple, easy to use assessment, which captures all of a child or young person’s and family’s needs at the earliest opportunity, and with consent, it is a shared tool which can be used by all agencies in Somerset who are delivering early help in a co-ordinated way, so that they understand and respond to the needs of children or young people.

It is a tool for practitioners to identify the needs of children or young people and their families and make ‘request for services’ involvement where required, if services already involved are not able to meet the identified needs.

The Early Help Assessment finds out about the strengths and difficulties your child and family may have and explores the best way to help.

Information that is shared

With your consent, an Early Help Assessment will gather your story and be shared with practitioners who can help. By doing this you should only need to tell your story once. If we do not feel we can cover all of your needs we will discuss this with you, and with your permission share the information with an agreed team of practitioners who we believe will be able to support you.

The Early Help Assessment is your document and will help practitioners understand what you feel is working well in your family and what you might need help with. It can also be used to access support for you and your child from many different services, so you do not have to fill in other referral forms.

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