Children and young people with SEND may need extra support at nursery, school or college, or may have health and care support needs. It is the responsibility of Somerset County Council and the Somerset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group alongside schools, education providers and other Local Area partners, to make sure they get that support.

In March 2020, Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) and the CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspected Somerset’s SEND services to ensure children and young people across the county are being given the best support possible. Inspectors spoke with children, young people, families and the people who run the services. Ofsted and CQC said that Somerset is not doing well enough and needs to do better.

Written Statement of Action

In December 2020, Somerset County Council and Somerset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group published its ‘Written Statement of Action’ (WSoA). This is a detailed plan to improve the SEND service areas identified in the Ofsted and CQC inspection report.

You can read the Written Statement of Action’ (WSoA) by using the links below.

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We know we have lots of work to do to make SEND services the best they can be. We have agreed to work hard together to make these improvements.

Areas of work

In this section you will find everything you need to know about improving services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) in Somerset.

A significant amount of work is taking place across Somerset in the following nine areas:

Improvement Priority 1 – Engagement and Participation

Engagement and Participation – Listen more to children, young people and their families.
Improvement Priority 2 – Leadership

Leadership – Make sure the people leading SEND services have the skills and knowledge to lead well.
Improvement Priority 3 – Teamwork

Teamwork – Make sure that services across Somerset are working well together to give the best care and support possible.
Improvement Priority 4 – Integration

Integration – Improve the way Somerset County Council and the NHS work together to plan and set up services so that they meet needs, help young people to do what they want in life, and save money.
Improvement Priority 5 – Autism

Autism – Make it easier for those with Autism to get diagnosed and supported.
Improvement Priority 6 – Education

Education – Help schools to work better with SEND children and young people so that fewer students are excluded from education.
Improvement Priority 7 – Tailormade support

Tailormade support – Get better at understanding and identifying needs so we can also work out the support.
Improvement Priority 8 – Speed up the EHCP process

Speed up the process – Speed up the assessment and planning process for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).
Improvement Priority 9 – Make EHCPs thorough and clear

Make them thorough and clear – Make sure that the professional input for EHCPs is high quality so that the EHCP is thorough and clear.

More information

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30 November 2020

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We have also recruited 72 Inclusion Champions who are undergoing training to work with and support our children, young people and their families across Somerset.
Find out more about Inclusion Champions here.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to tell us about your experiences of using SEND in Somerset, you can contact us:

On Facebook: @SENDParticipationTeam
By What’s App or text message: 07976 809 773

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