Somerset schools include mainstream schools, special schools and a range of specialist units to address SEN.

There are 6 colleges providing Further Education opportunities.

There are approximately 900 early years providers including opportunity groups.

There is a range of alternative education for children and young people who are out of school.

You can find details of each school and what they provide for children and young people with special educational needs and disability.

Lists of Schools and Colleges

View the graduated response and provision that is ordinarily available in Somerset schools that the local authority expects to be available for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Other types of school, like academies and private schools, don’t have to follow the National Curriculum but still have standards they have to meet. If your child attends an academy and you have any concerns or questions about the curriculum, please contact the academy directly.

You can find information about education and children’s services on the Department of Education website.

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