SPOT Services Feedback 2021 – Hearing Support Team

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You saidWe did or intend to doThe difference it made
Parents asked for notes of visits to be emailed directly .Survey created to be sent to parents/carers to gather their views of their role in the support from the sensory teams. Similar survey created to gather the professionals’ views.Design the support offered by the team to meet the need of CYP and their families.
Brilliant, informative training. Clear instructions and information. Friendly, approachable presenter, Learnt something new. Training/demonstration was easily understood with follow up video and power point. Useful information from training. Training provided insight into difficulties student manages daily.For staff to continue updating their knowledge and experience Enhanced training offer to upskill educational setting staffFor SPOT staff to be in a position to share their knowledge and experience with parents and school staff with the outcome that the child is receiving the best care and education. Educational settings will have confidence to make reasonable adjustment and meet CYP needs in the setting.
Repair was reported early morning, repair fixed by lunchtime.We try to prioritise work as much as possible to respond in a timely way. Maintain our staffing levels to ensure availability of team members to CYP and their families.Issues are dealt with promptly to reduce the impact on the child. CYP, parents/carers and educational settings receive the support they need at the time they need it.
Fantastic support for child, her family and staff within schoolEnsure staff are highly qualified and regularly attending training courses to keep specialist knowledge up to date.CYP, parents/carers and educational settings are supported by highly trained, confident and specialist team members.

Last reviewed:June 27, 2022 byJennifer

Next review due:December 27, 2022

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