Better Journey Cards give people with a disability a way of letting a driver know that they may need additional help.

You do not need to use the card if you don’t want to, but you may find it a useful way of asking for help when you need it. People usually carry the card in their purse or wallet and show it to the driver to tell them what help they need.

The card includes messages like

  • ‘Please be patient I have a hidden disability’
  • ‘Please face me and speak clearly, I lip read’
  • ‘Please help me find a seat’.

There are also some blank spaces for you to use if you want to include a different message of your own.

The cards have been designed after consultation with disability groups around the country. To download the First Bus version go to their website, or call into their bus stations. These cards will work on any transport.

If you are a young person who will struggle navigating college transport for instance, it may be that you are eligible for independent travel training. Don’t forget, residents of Somerset who are disabled or cannot drive for medical reasons are entitled to a concessionary bus pass which provides free or reduced cost bus travel at certain times of the day.

Last reviewed:July 25, 2022 byPaul

Next review due:January 25, 2023

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