LifeHacks are a series of practical tips and ideas, developed by young people, to help promote and support young people to look after their own, and their friends, mental health.

The Little Book of Mental Health LifeHacks is packed with ideas and links to support your own mental health and includes true stories from people who’ve tried them out.

The LifeHacks booklet is packed with ideas and links to support your friends’ mental health and includes true stories from friends who’ve tried them out. This booklet has all the details and is great to share with others who need it.

Background to Somerset Young Mental Health Champions LifeHacks for Mental Health project

This project was set up to help build resilience through engagement with young people to improve self-esteem and emotional literacy of young people in Somerset. It seeks to create a ‘culture of openness’, for example creating acceptance that it is okay to talk about emotional and mental health problems, talk about recovery and hope, see the whole person and not just the problem.

The LifeHacks were created by a diverse group of young people who volunteered to come together following a series of focus groups held across Somerset exploring mental health. A key theme that emerged was that young people were desperate for knowledge about how to help their friends with mental health issues.

You can also find free, safe and anonymous online support on the website.

The Mental Health Toolkit has information and guidance to help you understand, respond to and manage self-injury. The Self-Injury Pathway Project (SIPP) Guide offers clear, practical advice and genuine insight into the most misunderstood and feared behaviour of self-injury. Shaped by young people living and coping with self-injury; their knowledge, honesty and bravery has been instrumental in creating this guide during the SIPP project which ended in March 2021. And the Supporting Families Plan has been created to provide practical, easy to implement support for the parents/carers and siblings of young people who self-injure.

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