In mainstream settings each CYP on roll will receive Element 1 funding Age Weighted Young Person Unit (AWPU).This funding is at different levels according to the age of the CYP.

There are then two main sources of SEN funding in schools.

The first is the SEN delegated budget. This is also called Element 2 or the Notional SEN Budget. This is where each school receives funding for SEN according to a number of indicators of need in the school’s population. These indicators include factors such as free school meals, social deprivation factors, English as an Additional Language (EAL), attainment levels etc.

Mainstream schools are expected to meet up to the first £6,000 of provision for CYP per year who are identified as having SEN Support needs. This is in addition to the Element 1 funding which is in place to support all CYP and comes from the Element 2 or the Notional SEN Budget.

If provision required to meet the needs of a CYP is above the Element 1 and 2 funding, then Element 3 funding can be applied for through an Educational Health Care Needs assessment. See the Education Health and Care Plan page for more information.

Element 3 (also known as top up funding) is allocated to a CYP when they are in receipt of an EHCP, and this funding is ring fenced to the individual CYP.

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