Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool sets out the barriers to learning that children and young people (CYP) may have and the strategies and provision that should be in place to support them. Strategies, interventions, and support should be put in place as a Graduated Response, meaning that Universal strategies and provision are the foundation for all learners.Many CYP will have needs that do not ‘fit’ into one of the four categories of SEN and therefore a number of the four broad areas of need may need to be referred to when using the tool to identify barriers and support strategies.

Universal Support

All CYP must have access to high quality teachingthat focuses on inclusive practice and breaks down barriers to learning. For the majority of CYP this can be achieved through identifying specific barriers, followed by personalisation and differentiation using strategies in the Universalsections of this tool.

SEN Support

Where a CYP does not make expected progress despite trying a range of strategies in the Universal section of the tool, further assessmentmay be required. The ‘How do I find out more?’sections within each broad area of need contain assessment suggestions. The SEN Supportsections of the Broad Areas of Need should be referred to when selecting strategies and intervention to put into place in addition tothe strategies at the Universal level.

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