All children and young people (CYP) attending a mainstream school have an entitlement to access a minimum provision. The purpose of this document is to ensure every CYP in a Somerset school receives the support they are entitled to. Most CYP in Somerset will have their needs met within Universal support through high quality teaching. Some CYP will require or need Special Educational Need (SEN) support at SEN Support level in addition to Universal support. This document sets out the ordinarily available provision in Somerset schools at both the Universal and SEN Support levels. (Code of Practice, Chapter 6).The consultation process highlighted the need for a reduced overall length, and as such, the acronym ‘CYP’ rather than ‘children and young people’ is used periodically within ‘Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool’. The use of the acronym CYP can appear impersonal and therefore this will considered for future versions.

Establishing a minimum level of provision ensures;

  • Clarity for school staff
  • A provision guarantee for CYP and their families
  • Support for discussion of CYP between school staff and support services

Baselines against which the Local Authority can carry out its statutory duty to monitor provision for CYP with SEN. One document cannot describe every possible intervention but the information in the pages that follow indicate what CYP and their families can expect from schools in Somerset.

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