AssessmentPractitioners ensure that formative assessment and feedback are a feature of lessons. Assessment is used to reflect on pupil progress, and to identify, and act upon, possible barriers to learning. All schools should have a clear approach to early identification of SEN. Schools should use a holistic approach to assessment including, but not limited to, formative assessment, observation, checklists, diagnostic tools and CYP and parent carer voice. A regular cycle of Assess, Plan, Do, Review should be used to ensure that CYP with SEN are making progress. Expertise is in place to manage reasonable examination arrangements (access arrangements) for tests and national tests and public examinations.
Partnership with CYP and parent carersThe setting works in partnership with parent carers and CYP in decision making. Parent carers and CYP are supported to engage in decision making and supported to share their views. Tips, supports and resources are shared with parent carers.Parent carers are signposted to support available through The Local Offer
Positive and supportive environment for all CYPPromote positive relationships, active engagement, and wellbeing for all CYP. Learners feel safe and valued. They know that they can approach staff and that their opinions and concerns are valued. Remove barriers to participation. Provision should address the needs identified by the school.
Staff skills and learningAll practitioners, including Teaching Assistants, (TA) make a positive contribution to learner progress. The Education EndowmentFoundation (EEF) guide might be useful for TA CPD Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants | EEF ( There is a plan for on-going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in relation to understanding and meeting the needs of CYP. Staff collaborate and have effective links with other relevant outside agencies and specialists for support, training, and supervision.
Transition and transferSupport is in place for routine and life transitions when required. Procedures are in place for ensuring smooth progression through settings, particularly during all transition phases, including on entry and exit. CYP and parent carers participate in decisions around transition and transfer.