(over sensitive)
Potential signsPotential impactStrategies to assist with learning
Fearful reactions to ordinary movementsMay try to control and manipulate events to avoid stressful sensations. This can look like uncooperative behaviourThis can be more difficult to work on as it requires a graded desensitising approach with guidance from an appropriate professional. However proprioceptive input can help greatly
Can appear clumsyCan often seek physical support from an adultStaff will need to be aware of difficulties and not insist on children engaging in activities that they percieve as fearful as this can lead to flight and fight or negative reactions. Instead differentiating activities is important.
Difficulty climbing or descending stairs or hillsRegular accidents from clumsiness
Apprehensive about walking on uneven surfaces
Motion induced sickness such as fairground rides and cars
Fear of heights or of feet being off the ground