This month’s meet was different from our usual meeting, we attended a Family Fun Day at Brookside Academy in Street last Saturday (2July), which was organised by the Community Inclusion Activity Team. 

We were promoting the Unstoppables and what we as a Forum do, hoping that we may gain some new members – excitingly we had a few young people who were interested in joining! 😊  

We were asked to find out from children and young people if they know what to expect should they need any help with their learning. The question we asked was: “If I need more help with my learning, what can I expect?”. This is to help create a piece of work to go alongside the Graduated Response Toolkit and help promote it, which we will do by taking the answers that the young people gave us. 

To make it fun, we wanted to create a caterpillar which was made up of the young people’s answers. When we asked the question, we asked them to put their answer on a circle – this was the body, decorate it then we  stapled them together to create the caterpillar’s body.  

As a thank-you, after they had given us an answer, they could choose from a pet rock (which was either already decorated or they could decorate themselves), a friendship bracelet kindly made by one our members Ella or a sweet.  

Were you there? Did you see us? 

If you or a young person you know wants more information about how they can join the Unstoppables, or be part of our work they/you can contact us via email ( or via phone/What’s App (07976 809 773). 

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Here are some pictures from Saturday! 

Colourful pet rocks in a tray

Some of our pre-made pet rocks.


Our members working hard to get ready for when the Fun day opened for families.

Quick group selfie 😊

One of our members went to go for face painting – looking fabulous!!

The construction of our caterpillar, with some bright colours and answers.

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July 13, 2022

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